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Digital Art Becomes Gallery Box Frames

“I am an artist day after day after day. It’s kind of the love of my life.” With an extensive background in visual design, Sandy started as a photographer for the Portland Zoo, then moved on to work as technical illustrator, transitioned into freelance graphic design, and even served as the Art Director of a company in California. Now that she’s reached retirement, there is no slowing her drive to continue creating artwork.

Original Artwork by Sandy Fox

Using Photoshop, she creates colorful digital files and prints her work with Artmill. Her artwork consists of manipulated and conceptualized photos and original, digitally created works. Sometimes her artistic process involves photographing her own oil paintings which she then uploads to edit and play with the image, adding, changing or deleting colors. “I often create additional shapes and effects, but every element is my own creation. I embrace any pleasant surprises that might occur along the way. I will work with every little element until I finally end up with a whole image that pleases me.”

After finding our business and working with us for the past year and a half, she’s expressed her continuing admiration for the quality of her Gallery Box Frames. “Artmill’s printing process gives excellent color representation and matches the colors in my image files quite precisely. The prints are clear and crisp and pop beautifully. I've tried other companies but was not satisfied with the quality of their work.”

One of the pieces she recently printed with us, entitled Hummingbird & Hibiscus, was inspired by Sandy’s fascination with the energy and iridescence of hummingbirds. “I created the hummingbird by drawing very tiny little random shapes, giving them color, and then trying to figure out how to combine these many shapes to somehow end up looking like a hummingbird. As far as the hibiscus is concerned I created a stylized image of a partial hibiscus. It was quite labor-intensive and very difficult, but challenging and enjoyable nonetheless.”

Phoenix Rising, Original Artwork by Sandy Fox

Her other work, Phoenix Rising, was created at the request of her friend who is a music composer and asked her to create a piece of art that reflected a symbolic message about rising above tragedy and emerging triumphant. This commission took a couple of months to complete, during which she worked mostly in in Photoshop. “I use a lot of boldness of color and strong composition. I like my work to have an immediate impact on the viewer. I want it to convey a strong emotional response and pique the viewer's imagination.”