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The Photography of Lincoln Schatz

At Artmill, some of our close collaborators and clients are local Chicago artists. We believe that an important part of maintaining our close client relationship with our artists is to understand their intention and to work with them closely to execute our products based on their needs. With this in mind, we spoke with Lincoln Schatz to learn more about his process on some of our past collaborations.

Lincoln first came to our company in 2000, when he needed specialty framing for The Cultural Center’s exhibition Out of Line-Drawings by Illinois Artists. As his reputation evolved so did his exhibitions, which lead to the first large scale project we produced with him in 2012. The Network was a portrait project exhibited at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery and is now in their collection in addition to being published as a color plate book to go along with the exhibition. Lincoln described this as his most difficult and most rewarding project. “In order to interview each of the eighty-nine sitters I did a tremendous amount of research. I had to be informed and conversant in a wide range of historical and current topics for each sitter in their designated fields.”

One of our resident experts, Ben, recalls the scope of The Network, “It consisted of nearly ninety archival photo prints mounted as Non-Glare Acrylic Facemounts.”

In September 2015 Lincoln began the Lake Series, taking a photo of Lake Michigan five to six times per week in the same framing. “It started as a thirty day project that I thought would terminate in boredom or, worse, banality. I am now approaching the three and half year mark in this project with thousands of photos in the series.”

In the spring of 2017 he met with us to explore ideas for printing and mounting Lake Series. “I wanted to face mount an eight-foot-high by thirty-foot-wide photograph to acrylic. It was a first for both of us. We worked hand in hand to prototype and execute this photograph.”

The large-scale panoramic photo was split into six parts and each image measured about five feet by eight feet. This was the largest display we've created as one image. Sourcing non-glare acrylic was a challenge, so we had to custom order the large acrylic panel especially for his project. We worked closely with Lincoln from conception to installation to make sure we met his expectations.

Over the years we've built a close relationship with Lincoln and he has become a client we look forward to working with. Nearly every project he brings to the table challenges our team in new and unexpected ways, which allows us to think outside the box and put our best foot forward.