5 Benefits of Acrylic Standoff Office Art

If you’re looking for a unique, affordable option to feature corporate artwork in your office, look to our Acrylic Standoff product. The Acrylic Standoff is comprised of a fine-art photographic print facemounted to a ¼” acrylic panel; the edges of the acrylic are flame polished and holes are drilled in the corners for the brushed silver standoffs to sit. Artmill offers ½” and 1" diameter standoffs for larger pieces.  This vibrant style of art display will make your office art stand out and set your company branding apart. Here’s how your can make an Acrylic Standoff work for your work space.

Photo Credit: Legacy Marketing

Flexible Options

Artmill helps you customize an acrylic standoff using your own digital art or photo files. Our client GR Energy Services had branded photos shot on various oilfield sites. From those photos, our contact Donna chose the best images to decorate their new training center. Part of what convinced them to try Artmill was the fact that we do provide test prints and samples of all of our products. When creating a custom Acrylic Standoff, the size options range from as small as a standard 5x7” to as large as 5x10’. Donna initially ordered an 8” x 10” Acrylic Standoff and Acrylic Facemount to test the styles and quality of each. Seeing the product sample ultimately helped her to choose the Acrylic Standoff and she ordered several to feature her company’s work and branding.

Photo Credit: Donna Diggons, Courtesy of GR Energy Services.

Attractive Style

The first thing that stands out about the standoff is its clean, modern look. Heidi Arwine Interiors had been in business for over fifteen years and in that time they mostly decorated with printed canvas, so interior designer Heidi was looking for something unique. She found the ideal combination of cost-effective, quality product through Artmill. “I wanted something sleek and contemporary. I wanted the acrylic standoff.”

With touches of stainless steel from the ½” satin finish standoffs to the polished edges of the acrylic, Artmill’s standoffs work perfectly in a contemporary or modern style office setting.

Photo Credit: Nick Jamison/Razvan Sera

Durable Materials

Many of our clients have chosen the Acrylic Standoff for their offices not only for aesthetic reason, but also because the quality of materials make for a lasting display. Donna determined that the standoffs would work best in their high foot traffic center and paired the Acrylic Standoffs with images printed on metallic inkjet paper. Typically we print your image to an acid-free fine art photo paper, which is then facemounted to a panel of ¼” glossy acrylic. When compared to other types of display, the Acrylic Standoff will not become displaced on the wall, is more resistant to scratching, and has custom options to upgrade to UV protected acrylic for extra peace of mind.

Photo Credit: Corporate Art Advisory

Cost Effective

Comparable to the Gallery Acrylic Facemount, the Acrylic Standoff offers budget friendly pricing for your company with the added benefits we previously listed, especially for large quantity orders.

Easy Installation

Each piece includes four ½” diameter, stainless steel standoffs with anchors and screws. The simple design of the Acrylic standoff makes for an easy installation, which means you can install your office art quickly and get back to focusing on the day to day of your business.

Photo Credit: KKT Photography