Hanging Your Art

We have provided you with a keyhole route or cleat hanging system (wood or aluminum), which allows you to easily display your artwork on any household wall with standard drywall screws. Screws and anchors are provided in your shipping box.



Keyhole Route Backframe

Step 1

Once you have designated where to hang your art,
insert drywall anchor & screw into wall.
You may need anchors if you are not drilling into wall studs.

Step 2

Place artwork over screw so the screw head fits into either end.
Gently slide your artwork over until it hangs evenly

Your artwork may have two keyhole routes.
In this case, insert two screws measuring the distance
between the first end of each route.


Cleat Backframe

Step 1

Mark the wall measuring the same distance between the two holes on the provided wall cleat. Pre drill a hole at each mark and insert anchors.

Step 2

Attach all wall cleats provided by screwing through the cleat and into anchors. Once wall cleats are attached, simply place your art on the wall cleat.



Tools Recommended for Hanging


Note: When hanging artwork with any type of backframe, it is always recommended to use a level throughout the process so your artwork hangs evenly.



Drywall Screws 

(6 x 1-5/8")





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