Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of FAQs.  If you need additional help, please reach us via the chat window below or send us an e-mail at 

New Users

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

To place an order, you do not need to set up an account, as you can checkout as a guest. However, if you register for an account, there are many features available for registered accounts such as: the ability to track order progess, access prior orders and reorder, remember CC payment details and shipping addresses to expedite the checkout process.

Can I use my smartphone to place an order?

Yes, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or desktop to place an order on the site. If you are using a smartphone, you can use an image from your photo album or take a new photo and upload it to the site. 

What file formats can I upload?

We accept JPEG, TIFFs, and PDF files on our site. We do not accept PNG, PSD, RAW files on our site. This is not to say we cannot produce images in this file format. If you have a file format you want to use that you cannot upload to the site, you can upload a JPEG to the site to place you order and send us the oher file format via email at (if larger than 25mb, you can send an internet file sharing link via wetransfer, dropbox, etc)

Can I upload any image on your site to have produced?

We do not restrict the kind / content of image that can be uploaded on our site. However, you must have the legal right to all of the images you upload, share or copy with Artmill. Images provided to you by professional photographers or made available through websites, magazines, books or other resources are protected by copyright laws and should not be uploaded or shared in any fashion.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have cleared use of the image with the copyright owner. By submitting an order to Artmill, you are acknowledging that you own the rights to the submitted image and/or have received permission from the owner.

Is there a first time discount code?

We are confident that Artmill's products, both price and quality, are unmatched online. If you want to try ordering from us for the first time, at checkout, enter the promo code "image2art" to receive 15% off your first order.

What are your privacy features on your website?

Artmill has privacy measures to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. We have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information collected online. Access to data is limited to authorized Artmill staff members, and is further restricted by password protection mechanisms. Web security and security procedures are reviewed and may be updated on a regular basis to ensure strong data collection. By default, all orders placed on our site are done on a secure server that encrypts all financial information through SSL. Credit card information is not stored in our database.


Pricing and Shipping

Where can I find pricing for your products?

Pricing for all our products can be found on each product page or accessing this link You can obtain pricing and shipping estimates on our pricing page. We offer custom sizes for all our products online, except for the Gallery Lightbox where we can offer custom sizes, but we ask you to inquire in advance.

Do you offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping due to the wide latitude of sizes we offer (custom sizes up to 5x10ft) and the amount of care that is required to ensure that your art is shipped to you damage free. Large sizes are subject to large package surcharge fees which can be in excess of $115 via UPS. 

Do you pay extra for custom sizes?

No all our products are priced by total square inches. There is slight panoramic premium we charge on our products for panoramic sizes in excess of 1:3 ratio. 

How will my order ship?

Your order will be very carefully packaged to avoid damage in transit. We ship using UPS to the shipping address specified on your order. Your most economical form of shipping will be UPS Ground.   If you need your order expedited, you can always choose a more expedited shipping option to minimize transit time. When your order is shipped, you will be sent an e-mail message notifying you with the respective UPS tracking number and a subsequent email confirming your order has been delivered to your shipping address.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, on a case by case basis. Shipping internationally is very costly for our products, especially for larger sizes. Shipping to Canada and Mexico is much easier and a little more affordable. If you are interested in having your order shipped internationally, you can reach out to us at Please include a description of your order and the international destination address. We will respond to you with an estimated shipping cost, including taxes and duties.

Do you include invoices or paid receipts in delivered packages?

No we do not include any paperwork in the packages that are delivered to the recipient. We understand that some of the orders being placed on the website are gifts.

Do you match prices on other websites?

The short answer is no. In our humble view, there is no other website online that can offer all of the features we offer:

- unique product offering

- fine-art quality and craftsmanship

- custom sizes up to 5x10ft (no extra cost for custom sizes)

- professional hanging options on all our products

- products packed extremely well so they arrive to our clients undamaged

What is the maximum size package I can ship through UPS Standard?

Packages that can ship through UPS Standard must meet the following criteria:

  • Packages can be up to 150 lbs.
  • Packages can be up to 165 inches in length and girth combined
  • Packages can be up to 108 inches in length.

To measure ground packages use the following formula: Length + Girth (2 x Width + 2 x Height)

Step 1. Determining Length Measure the longest side of the package (add 4" for padding), rounding to the nearest inch. This is your length.

Step 2. Determining Girth (2 x Width + 2 x Height) Measure the width of the package (add 4" for padding), rounding to the nearest inch. Multiply this number by 2. Measure the height of the package (add 2" for padding), rounding to the nearest inch. Multiply this number by 2. Add these two numbers together. This is your girth.

Step 3. Add the length and the girth together. This is your package measurement.

Packages that are less than 165 inches in total size as defined above and the length is less than 108 inches can be shipped through UPS Standard. Packages in excess will have to be shipped Freight in a wooden crate and shipping costs start at $650 (you will see a message from the website alerting you at checkout)

NOTE: Packages that exceed 130 inches (as defined by formula above for package size) will incur a UPS large package surcharge. This is approx. $100 during non-peak shipping months (Jan 1 - Sept 30) and $150 during peak shipping months (Oct 1 - Dec 31)

Example - I want to order a 20"x100" Floatmount

Package Size - Length + Girth

Length = 100" + 4" Padding = 104" 

Girth = (2 x Width) + (2 x Height) = (2 x 24") + (2 x 3") = 54" where

   Width = 20" + 4" padding = 24"  and  Height = 1" + 2" padding = 3"

TOTAL PACKAGE SIZE = 104" + 54" = 158" (subject to large package surcharge fee outlined above since size exceeds 130 inches)

Product Information

Do your products come ready to hang?

All 10 of our products online come ready to hang. Unlike picture frames, which come with wire, we avoid wire, unless you request it. All our products, up to a certain size, come with a groove(s) that is routed in the back for hanging. All you need to do is hang screws in the wall (be sure to use anchors if you are drilling into drywall), making sure they are level and secure. Insert the screws in the groove in the back and you will have a mount that is flush to the wall with no gap between your piece and the wall. Required tools consist of a drill, hammer, screwdriver and level. For larger pieces and for the Gallery Acrylic Facemount, we will affix a french cleat on the back of our artwork and give you a wooden cleat bar to install in your wall to hang your artwork from. This will provide the necessary support to hang your piece elegantly and safely to your wall. No special tools are required. If you need assistance hanging your work, please contact us.

What is the minimum and maximum size I can order?

For most of the products we offer, the minimum size that can be ordered is 5”x7” or 35 square inches. The maximum size we offer for most products is 5x10 feet (60"x120") as one panel. If you are trying to achieve larger than 5x10ft, you would have to accomplish this through multiple panels.

What panoramic sizes do you offer?

Panoramic sizes vary across the board depending how wide they are. When selecting a size (step 3), the website will present preset sizes to match your uploaded image aspect ratio to retain your whole image. If you want to choose a custom size while retaining your entire image, you can choose the custom size tab in Step 3. Enter one dimension and the other dimension will autopoulate to fit your whole image (the lock aspect ratio box must be checked). 

Here’s a link with more info about panoramic sizes.

What kind of prints do you produce?

Printmaking is an art and a science. Printing is not as simple as loading a printer with paper and ink and pressing print. We’ve been doing this for many decades and have mastered the art of printing. We use the highest quality photo paper available and use pigment inks for superior color vibrancy and durability; archival rating of over 100 years (Epson P-20000 and Epson archival pigment inks). Each print is printed according to giclée standards. Giclée is a fancy word to describe a high quality art print, the types of reproductions you'll find in high end galleries. Unlike many of the printers out there, we actually print giclée prints for professional artists and photographers, so we are well versed with fine art expectations. We use that experience and high quality standard for each print to ensure that your print is treated like a work of fine art.

What is the metallic paper option upgrade?

It is a paper upgrade option that gives the appearance of metallic. The white point is silver compared to the standard white point with our semi-matte photo paper. So you get that metallic look. It's subtle but can look very nice and is popular in combination with our acrylic products.

Will my print fade?

No, the finished piece should last a very, long time. At Artmill, we utilize the best materials on the market as it relates to your print and finishing materials. Artmill prints are durable; they register an archival rating of over 100 years. In addition, all our products have a layer (a matte film or acrylic) on the face of the print for protection.

Can I mail in my prints for you to mount?

Yes, for most of our products we offer a mail-in-print option. After you choose a product, the website will prompt you to upload your image or mail your print. If the mail your print option is available for the product, you will see it underneath the upload your image option as shown below. 

What is the difference between your acrylic product and a print on glass?

We do not print on glass. We print images on photo paper and facemount to acrylic which is fine-art based process that is superior in quality to printing on glass. Here is how our Gallery Acrylic Facemount product differs from printing on glass options:

- we are printing on photo paper and facemounting to acrylic which provided superior color, image detail results

- acrylic is lighter and does not shatter. That makes it safer to ship and hang on the wall long-term

- we offer acrylic in all custom sizes as large as 5x10ft. Glass cannot be offererd that large.

- we offer different types of acrylic for our Gallery Acrylic Facemount product. Glossy, Matte, Tru Life, 1/8" or 1/4" thickness

- our backframes(how the art hangs on the wall) is more substantial and higher quaity than prints on glass. We add aluminum to the back of our acrylic which allows us to do this and add rigidity.

Do you offer traditional framing options?

On the website, we do offer a simple Fine Art Frame that come in black and white colors. If you are looking at another framing style, we offer a multitude of other styles. Please reach out to us for a custom framing style by email at

Do you offer a print only option?

Yes, we offer a print only option (giclee prints). We do widths up to 60". Choose from four paper options: photographic lustre print, photographic metallic print, eco-solvent canvas print or a fine-art hot press print. To order a fine-art print, visit this link. The prices shown on this table are for standard sizes, but we offer all custom sizes. Prints are shipped in a tube with excess white paper around the image for handling purposes and to protect from damage in transit.

Do you offer a desktop stand option?

We offer a desktop stand option (comes in white and black colors) to present your images on your desk. The Plaquemount and Gallery Acrylic Facemount are the two products we offer that have an option for a desktop stand. You will have an option in Step 4 of the ordering process to make this selection; we do not recommend a stand for sizes in excess of 11" x 14".

What is the optimal place to hang my artwork?

Please note that in order to ensure optimum longevity, it is best to follow these hanging tips:

  • avoid hanging your art in direct sunlight.
  • hang your art high enough on the wall so children cannot reach them
  • hanging your art in high-traffic areas makes them more susceptible for falling off the wall; ensure that your pieces are securely fastened to the wall
  • hang your art in an environment with stable temperatures and away from ventilations that pump hot and cold air

Do you repair damaged products?

Depending on the extent of the damage to your art, there may be a means to have it repaired. To inquire about repairing a damaged product, please email us at and label the subject “Repair Damaged Art”. Please attach an image(s) to your e-mail that shows the damage and a brief description in the body of your e-mail that explains the extent of the damage. We will respond back to your inquiry with our opinion on whether your product is repairable and a cost estimate for repair.

How do I take care of my artwork?

There really isn't anything to take care of. Fingerprints, dust, dirt can be wiped out with a dry or damp, soft cloth (microfiber rags work really well). Mild cleaners applied to a soft cloth can be used as well.

The Ordering Process

What are the steps involved in placing an order?

Step 1 Choose your product:  We offer an array of 10 products to choose from. If you are looking for a wood product, we offer five products: the plaquemount, floatmount, flushmount, plaque floater, Gallery Boxframe. We offer two acrylic products: Gallery Acrylic Facemount and Acrylic Standoff. We offer one canvas product: Gallery Canvas Product. We offer two framed products: Gallery Lightbox and Fine Art Frame.

Step 2 Uploading Image: When you start the ordering process, you can either mail in your print or upload an image (most common). If you have a digital copy of an image, you can upload your image directly to the site. You can also obtain digital images from stock websites. We like Unsplash as a source for unique, high-quality digital images. If you have a hard-copy print, you can choose to mail in your print to us (some products don’t offer the mail-in your print option). We can also scan your print and digitize it for the ordering process (contact us in advance to arrange for this and this service has applicable costs based on the scope of work).

Step 3 Choosing a Size: The website will present you with two options: preset sizes or custom sizes.

Preset Sizes: After you upload an image, the website will present you with sizes that match the aspect ratio of your image to retain the whole image (none of your image will be cropped with this selection).

Custom Sizes: If the size you’re looking for is not listed, simply click on the Custom Size button and enter your own dimensions. If the lock aspect ratio box is checked, you are able to enter one dimension, and the other dimension will auto-populate based on your image aspect ratio. If you uncheck the “lock aspect ratio” checkbox, you are able to enter any sizes but you will likely need to crop your image. 

Step 4 Enhance & Customize: In this last step, you will choose options such as a matte border (optional), print upgrade (metallic), edge color, image enhance (done by a real professional), notes section, etc. 


What image type can I upload and is there a maximum file size?

We are able to accept .jpeg, .tiff, and .pdf file formats. The optimal digital format to upload are high-resolution, jpeg files. The JPEG compression format is a very efficient, lossy image compression algorithm designed specifically for saving photographic images. If your file format is not listed, you can always email us your file to to process your order. The maximum file size that you can upload via the website is 200mb. If your file is larger than 200mb, you can send us a Dropbox or WeTransfer link to and we can print the larger file (you can use a smaller version to upload to our site and place your order).

How do I know if the image I am uploading is good enough quality?

When you upload your image to our site, our website will alert you about image quality; if it is very low resolution, you will see a low image quality warning pop up. If it is not, the site will present you with pre-set sizes that fit your image aspect ratio and notify you if you select a size that is not recommended (NR). If you decided to choose a custom size in Step 3, there is no real alert to notify you that the size you chose is not recommended (the system assumes you are confident of your image quality if you chose a custom size)

After an order is received, an Artmill professional will also review your image(s) before they are printed to check quality. If there are quality concerns in our opinion, we'll contact you prior to printing. If you are contacted, please respond back to us ASAP to avoid order delays.

You can also view your image quality at scale. After you upload your image, in Step 3, choose the link above your image labeled image quality at scale. A modal window will pop up and the website will present to you a range of preset sizes to match your image aspect ratio and allow you to view your image at actual scale (print size). Choose a size from the dropdown, and click on a section of the image you want to see at print size selected. You can also access this tool outside the ordering process at this link.

You can also check out our reviews where our customers talk about the care we take.

How do I get the best quality digital image?

Images are defined by horizontal and vertical pixels; the more pixels in an image, the better the quality. The most common ways to obtain images are listed below:

Camera Images

If you are using an image taken by a digital camera, set your camera on the highest quality setting before shooting the image. You can upload JPEG and TIFF images to the website. If you are shooting in RAW, you can convert your file to a TIFF or JPEG before uploading to the site. 

Smartphone Images

If you are using a smartphone image, use the original (actual) size image when uploading to the site. If you are doing any edits before hand, we suggest you upload the unedited version. Often times, when you crop or edit your image before you upload to our site, you inadvertently reduce the resolution of the image which degrades image quality (common mistake).

Image Sent to You

If you are using an image that is sent to you, be sure to ask for the highest resolution image available. Often times, images are compressed when sent in email / text, and the image you receive is a smaller version of the actual image or an edited version that has been compressed.

Professional Images

Web Images - Images copied from websites do not print well (in addition, there are copyright rules that prohibit this).

Photographer Images - Typically, you will need to reach out to the photographer to let them know what size you are trying to print. Copying images from their sites or web galleries do not print well and is prohibited by copyright laws.

Stock Images - This is a great resource. If you are planning on printing large, download the largest resolution available of your desired image. Artmill can assist you with this as well.

If you are not sure if your image is suitable, you can simply attach your digital file in an email to us at with the subject header ‘Please test’, telling us what size you are considering and we will reply with our recommendation within 24 business hours.



Will you retouch my image?

We do not automatically retouch images. In Step 4 of the ordering process, there is an option to choose "Image Enhance". If you choose yes, an Artmill Professional will review and make subtle adjustments to enhance your image (i.e. luminosity, color, straighten horizon lines). 

If there are small imperfections in the image, you can ask us to remove these, but you should be specific about your request by adding a comment in Step 4 of the ordering process. If you are interested in having us do more involve digital editing to your image, please e-mail us the image to with your editing requests and someone will be able to assist you with feasibility and cost.

A white line shows up in my image preview; will this show up?

No, all our images are trimmed flush to the edge unless you choose a matte border in Step 4. 

Can I add text to my image?

Yes if you want text included on your image, please add a comment in Step 4 of the ordering process. Include the text, color of text, and text position when adding your comment. If you would like to request a digital proof before we produce, you can add a comment requesting this.

Can I upload a collage to your site?

You can certainly upload a collage to our site. Clients will usually prepare their collages using a wide array of collage creators online (we like Adobe Spark). Once you complete the collage creation, be sure to export your collage image as a JPEG or TIFF at maximum resolution. Once you have your collage image, you can choose a product and upload it to our site. If you need assistance, creating a basic collage, you can reach out to us at (design fees will be quoted in advance of any work; a deposit is required in advance as well).

How long will it take to receive my order?

We aim to complete and deliver your finished product(s) within 10 business days from receipt (Gallery Lightbox and Fine Art Frame take about 15 business days). This timeframe includes producing your order and shipping it to your respective destination via UPS Ground. However, during the holidays and due to the recent disruption in supply chains due to COVID, these times can become longer.

If you want to expedite your order, you can reach out to us in advance or after placing your order at and choose an expedited shipping method. 

Is there any way I can have my order rushed?

Yes if you reach out to us by the chat feature or by email at, we can arrange to expedite your order. You can also add a comment in Step 4 of the order process letting us know you need your order expedited. Promo codes on rush orders are not permitted.

Do you offer multi-panels (i.e. diptych, triptych)?

Yes, once you choose a product and size, the website will enable you to choose vertical / horizontal split for 2, 3, or 4 panel options. We offer multi panel splits for these products: Floatmount, Flushmount, Gallery Boxframe, Gallery Canvas Wrap, Acrylic Standoff, Fine Art Frame and Gallery Acrylic Facemount. In Step 3 of the order process, after you choose an overall size, a preview of the split is shown after you select the number of panels. If you need a specific split (rather than an even split), we can accomplish that; just leave a comment in Step 4 of the order process.

Repeat Users

How do I search for past orders?

If you have registered for an account, you can access past orders easily after you login into your account and click on My Orders. If you did not register for an account, you can look up your order status by clicking MENU at the top of the page and click Order LookUp. You'll need to enter your Order # and billing zip code to access a prior order.

How do I place a repeat order?

Placing a repeat order is very easy. Visit this link for more information. or use the order lookup button under Menu at the top of the website.

What are the benefits of registering for an account?

  1. The ability to easily access past orders, including the original images used to place your order.
  2. Enabling the website to save payment information and shipping locations.
  3. Learning about upcoming promotions and new features.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do. To learn more, please visit this page. It is a great way to earn money when you refer your friends.

Do you have a loyalty program for repeat clients?

We appreciate your business. We don't have a loyalty program currently in place, but we do offer a discount on future orders. At checkout, you can enter the promo code "repeat10" for 10% off your next order placed with us.

Resource for Professionals

Do you offer actual test prints to assess image color / quality?

Yes, we offer test strips for purchase to assess image color / quality. Test strips are a section of your image printed at actual print size. Test strips are a good investment if you are unsure about the colors on your screen matching our prints or to assess image quality / clarity. You can order test strips at this link.

What colorspace should I prepare my files in?

Your files should be prepared in Adobe RGB colorspace. CMYK files will be converted into RGB before printing. Files with ProPhoto color space are also accepted. If a color space is not attached to the file, we will assume that your file has an sRGB profile.

Can I download ICC profiles to soft proof my images?

Our monitors are professionally calibrated to our professional photographic printers (Epson P-20000 series). If you want icc profiles of the various papers we use, please access them below:

Epson Semimatte Photographic Paper (most common)

Moab Slickrock Metallic Photographic Paper 

Epson Hot Press Photographic Paper (only available for our print only and fine art frame options)

Do you have a reseller program I can sign up for?

Yes, we do offer reseller pricing. You can send us an email to Make sure to include your contact info along with your credentials (i.e. website and any other info you’d like us to consider). We’ll review and email you back shortly to let you know if we can accept you as a reseller.

Do you offer samples to send?

It is our strong belief that samples should be created with your own image. As a result, we do not offer samples to send in the mail. If you are interesting in ordering a sample or samples for a large job, please reach out to us at

Do you offer blind shipping (white label shipping) services?

Yes, we can ship orders directly to your client when requested. Your client's address should be entered in the shipping address field at checkout. You can also include a comment in Step 4 of the order process letting us know not that this order is shipping direct to your client.

Policies & Procedures

Can I make a correction to my order after it has been submitted?

If your order has been submitted but not entered into production, you may be able to make a chage to your order.  If you are interested in making a correction to your order, please reach us by chat or by email at

Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?

An order may be cancelled, if it has not been entered into production. Orders that need to be cancelled are subject to a 10% cancellation fee to cover processing fees and administrative costs incurred after an order is placed. If you need to cancel an order, please reach us via the chat feature or by emailing us at

Do you accept returns on orders?

Since each order is unique with your provided image, we cannot accept product returns. We cannot be responsible for poor image quality as digital files do not have a wide latitude for adjustment. Most screens you view images on are set for maximum brightness and are not accurate of how the image will look in print (you can order test prints at a small cost or request a digital proof). If you are unhappy with the product or image you chose, you can reach out to us at with an explanation; please reference your order number. An Artmill customer service professional will reach out to assist you with the matter and offer options to make you happy.

If I am not satisfied with my order upon arrival, what are my options?

Our goal at Artmill is 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with the quality of your order, contact us within 7 days with photos and a brief description of your dissatisafaction. Please know that digital files do not have a wide latitude for adjustment and since you are providing the image to our site to have produced, we cannot be responsible for poor image quality. If you are concerned with colors or image quality, you can always order a test strip for approval in advance of placing your order. When your package is delivered, if there is damage to the outside of the box, please note it to the driver and sign it damaged.

What do I do if my package was damaged in transit?

Sorry that your package was damaged upon arrival. We do our best to package your order to prevent this. If this happened, please visit this page and follow the steps listed.

Is there a warranty for your products?

We do not have a warranty for our products. Since these are mounted prints and are susceptible to hanging environments, we cannot warranty the lifespan of our products. We have decades of experience in our industry, utilizing the best adhesives and practices in our industry to produce our products; it is imperative that when you receive your order, you take the utmost care to ensure longevity. This means hanging your products in a temperature controlled environment with proper humidity, avoiding hanging in sunlight or exposed to vents, and taking the time and care to hang your product properly. If you need assistance with any of this, please reach out to our customer service team.