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Turning Cape Cod Landscapes into Custom Artwork

For a long time Betsy Carothers focused her photographic eye on taking pictures at her kids’ sports team events. Later, she segued into portrait photography, snapping photos of families and senior portraits. After her children left home, she sought a new creative outlet for her craft. Her passion for action-oriented photos translated into landscape photography and she’s since been capturing moments along the summer waters of Cape Cod. Her greatest shots have become local celebrities in their own right among the community.

Many of Betsy’s best shots occur on the water. In her husband’s fishing boat, using her Canon 5D Mark II with a 100-400mm lens she captured a series of shots of waves rolling off the shore of Chatham, MA. She also captured two separate encounters of visiting Humpback Whales off the coast, snapping the ideal moment when a whale’s tail flipped from out of the water. These two shots have become popular in the area, which pushed Betsy to seek a way to print and mount her photos. While researching acrylic mounting options, Betsy found Artmill and took advantage of our many product options.

“It’s very stunning. When my pictures first came through using the Acrylic Facemount, I was very impressed. The acrylic brought my photos to life, crystal clear. I then decided to try some with the Flushmount framing for various stores. I was also pleased and happy with the quality of that product. It was pristine clear and you didn’t have any reflections to deal with.” She has sold her prints as Flushmounts to local businesses including Three Buoy, Margo's, and Tale of the Cod in addition to creating many Acrylic Facemounts for client’s homes. “I think the Flushmount is very pretty, but I personally love the Acrylic Facemount for my own home. I look forward to getting more made in October and would like to try a triptych as well.”