Branded Office Art for Navitas

Navitas is an equipment financing company that helps connect big and small businesses with the lending solutions they need to achieve their business growth goals. After moving into new offices, Ken Sanders, the Chief Marketing Officer at Navitas, was looking for a way to show off their company’s branding and products. Since Artmill helps businesses and individuals alike find and make the art they need, this was the set-up for a perfect collaboration.

The Navitas CEO loved the new building’s existing artwork of tintype photos of old Saint Augustine, Florida and inquired about carrying that style into their company’s offices. Ken sought images that would fit their company’s product representation, so he decided to marry the best of both worlds. “What if we come up with photos of equipment and products that mirror that style?”

With a look in mind, the project designer, Dwayne Breaker, “Googled his brains out” until he connected with our experts at Artmill. Dwayne and Ken found they could use our online image library to find the product images they needed and our staff were able to accommodate color correction and flexibility of sizes for full customization.

Ken expressed the ease with which their order of various sized Floatmounts, the largest being 48” x 36”, were fulfilled. “We were given clear expectations in terms of proofs, approvals, pricing, shipping… all worked like clockwork. When we got the finished product, it was exactly what we wanted.”

Their artwork arrived like a monolith, according to Ken. “When you opened it, the way that everything was packaged you could tell it was done that way so nothing would get damaged.”

The biggest challenge in fulfilling this project was sourcing the variety of images that would represent the many products Navitas provides. Many of the images were tinted, while some were adjusted to black and white. With such a large assortment, don’t ask their office to choose just one favorite; Dwayne enjoyed the image of a massive blue crane, while Ken preferred a photo of the old computer terminals The overall agreed favorite is a black and white photo of an old conference room with a wall to wall bar. “We liked what Artmill did so much that we replicated it for our new South Carolina branch.”