Creating Office Art for GR Energy Services

Every move a company makes, especially into a new space, raises the question of, “How do we make this represent us?” In the case of a new training center, GR Energy Services worked with their long time graphic designer, Donna Diggons of DPDzine, to imagine and decorate their new space with office art. The company is based in Houston and opened the training center a couple months ago. “I do all their graphic design, manage their website, advertising… they called me and asked how to spiff up the training center and make it a more interesting learning environment.”

The energy services company had worked with photographers from Barton Wilder Custom Images out of Austin to capture images on various oilfield sites. From those photos, Donna and training center manager chose the best images to decorate the training center. It was the relationship with those same photographers that led Donna to a recommendation to use Artmill to bring their images to life.

Donna initially ordered an 8x10” Acrylic Standoff and Acrylic Facemount to test the styles and quality of each. She determined that the standoffs would work best in their high foot traffic center and paired the acrylic standoffs with images printed on metallic inkjet paper. “Ben sent me a sample strip of the images after they had been corrected so that we could look at the color and make sure we weren’t getting any kind of glow around objects because of the image size.”

Ben also helped coordinate the delivery with Donna to assure that everything arrived at the location for the artwork’s scheduled installation. “We stayed in contact throughout the process. Ben was great about making sure the project would show up on time. When it arrived, everything was crated in a way that showed somebody had been meticulous.”

After a simple installation, Donna describes how the photos completed the space. “We were tickled. I had done a lot of measuring of the walls to make sure the spacing was correct and the images were the right size. When they all showed up and fit perfectly on the wall, the client was very happy.”