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Creating Floatmounts of Water Engineering Projects

Several months ago we first created Floatmounts for Spicer Group, a company that specializes in engineering, surveying, community planning, and architecture. At that time, we spoke with them about their positive experience creating their floatmounted project boards. We were excited to follow-up with and speak to Abbie Wiles from Spicer’s marketing team about our latest office art collaboration.

As Spicer has been completing office renovations, they have also installed new branded photos in each department. Their most recent order was for additional project boards that would serve as office artwork to hang in their Water Resources Department. They wanted to display project photos as an “internal marketing strategy,” showing off recent and favorite projects that puts their department’s work at the forefront of the workspace. “When clients visit or staff who aren’t in Water Resources are walking around, they can gain a deeper knowledge of the projects this department can do.”

Project photos were captured by Spicer’s own marketing department. Then staff members within the department chose images for the project boards based on which photos best showcased the department’s work on dams, rivers, and drain projects. Abbie designed the concept of the boards alongside the department before sending those to Artmill for production. We were able to turn around their order for several 24” x 32” Floatmounts in just a few days, “I was very surprised with that big of an order how fast they could ship that out. We’re really happy with how fast Artmill works.”

“We had a really awesome experience. I love being able to preview the images and seeing the custom sizes.” Abbie stated that they received three large boxes of Floatmounts and everything was packaged very thoroughly. Their staff were impressed by the product they unwrapped. “The Floatmounts turned out amazing. Everyone in the Water Resources Department loved them. I love the quality and the vivid colors.”