Five Star Travel Photos

Our goal is to execute our work at a high level of quality and to wow every customer we work with. That’s why we can’t help but take pride in a shining five star review like the one we received from Rick and Rina Daniel. We turned several of his photos into gallery worthy art for his home and he was more than pleased with the final products.

Rick’s experience began with assistance from our support specialist, Tiffany. When other vendors limited the size at which they could print their photos, Rick found that we offered the convenience of having our people available to resolve that issue. Something to know about Rick is that he is a prolific photographer and recorder, earning the nickname “Camera Terror” from his friends and family. So, when he came to us, he needed not just one image printed, but three. “We ended up doing three pictures of varying sizes since the price was right and we had other needs. The best was that Tiffany advised us on mounting and display options. We went with the Acrylic Facemount which required no additional framing and looks great.”

Their needs started with sizing an image to be tall enough to balance out the space next to the wall décor in their living room. Their coastal shot from the big island of Hawaii fit perfectly. It showcases the view from Rick and his wife Rina’s porch on their Homeaway vacation rental, the “Ocean Soul.” The couple rented the home for two weeks last year and captured not only the stunning view, but the secluded private beach accessible only from a path from the house.

Their second photo is featured in a prominent spot in their downstairs family room and is of a waterfall at Glacier National Park during a previous year’s July Fourth weekend. Rick describes the Sun Road Summit as being up to eighty degrees with twenty feet of snow. “If you stay for ten days, the first five days you’ll see five thousand waterfalls and the last five you’ll see five hundred because everything is melting and draining. What you see is a raging waterfall that most of the year is probably not that.”

The third, and Rick’s favorite shot, was a macro photograph of a yellow mushroom that he recalls being taken at Porcupine National Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Captured using his Sony camcorder, he recalls the wonder of taking that particular photograph. “That mushroom is three-quarters of an inch tall. I put the camera right nearby it and flipped the screen so I could really see it. Of all the shots, that’s my favorite just because it’s such a cool little shot.”

Helping to further brighten the memories preserved by these photos is our incomparable service, which Rick notes is what convinced him to choose us. “I unequivocally endorse Artmill and I hope my review helps Artmill gain additional satisfied customers. You will not be disappointed.”

One of Rick and Rina’s future photo goals is to capture the perfect vertical panoramic shot of a waterfall to fill a thirty foot high space in their home. Their next trip to Tuscany should prove to be another source of travel photos that they can turn into beautiful art for their home as well.