A Collage Wall of Floatmounted Travel Photos

Laura has been traveling since she was young, but it was only a couple years ago that she picked up her passion again. As she’s made her way across the globe, she’s captured and collected a number of beautiful travel photos. Her frequent travels have taken her to Spain, Ireland, England, and across the Continental United States.

She recently moved into a new office and looked into turning the travel photography sitting on her iPhone into inspired wall art for her new work space. She found Artmill and worked with us to create Floatmounts from her photos.

The myriad of images present like a photo album of her journeys, from the neon sign of the Kim Hotel in Albuquerque to a desolate road cutting through to Taos, New Mexico. On her trip to Ireland, she took two perspective images on the Millennium Bridge of the sunset over River Liffey in Dublin. She recalls another photo taken when she was alone on a rainy March day at Kilkenny Castle and found a companion in a local stray dog. She’s captured epic images like Hurricane Ridge through the mist in Port Angeles and the giant Redwood driftwood at La Push in Washington. “They’re little vignettes of things and days that I remember the most from each individual place.”

In working with Artmill, it was important to her to preserve the photos as she shot them. Laura prefers to not use editing software. “I might use the wand on my iPhone to saturate what I’m looking at, but I’m kind of a purist. I could sit down with software, but that’s not what I saw. My pictures are what they are.”

When ordering from Artmill, she planned to lay out her photos as a miniature gallery wall, with her intention being to order additional Floatmounts in the future. Her layout when hanging them is asymmetrical and she plans to hang new images as she travels and snaps new photos. The cleat hanging system that comes standard with Artmill’s products makes this idea all the simpler to execute, so after she makes her next trips to Maine and Yellowstone she'll have any easy time swapping in her new Floatmounted photos.

“I’ve ordered a lot and I love the aesthetic. I always like the look of the contemporary format. Artmill is also supremely easy to use; I can upload my pictures from my phone. It’s so reasonable and the quality of the product is astounding.” The first time she ordered, she was struck by the ease of ordering and value and quality of the finished product. She loves receiving her Artmill order in the mail. “It’s like Christmas. The first time I opened one it was in the office and everyone was so impressed with the format and quality of the print.”