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Floatmounted Overlay Landscape Photos

“I wanted something calming that reminds me of the river.” Simone’s subject of the Russian River in California evokes news of the recent floods that forced many to evacuate their homes, but her photo stands on its own as visual poetry. Using a simple overlay and color correction process, she combined a photo of driftwood washed up near the river with a shot of the river itself. What results is a linear journey; the river joins with the ocean while carrying the wood and the ocean smooths the driftwood and deposits it back onto land.

At the same time, this 45”x30” Floatmount encapsulates the calm she draws from it as well as a fleeting sense of time. As a river washes away wood and the ocean reshapes it, so are memories reframed by the passage of time and the context of life as a bigger picture.

“I’ve seen so much and have so many photos. I want to find a way to recall those moments by modifying them to create a mood.” Her floatmounted photo is hung in her office at work and stands as a motivator that she would like to delve further into photography as art. “It’s always a question of when do I have time to focus on it.”

Simone found Artmill online and felt that the ordering process was straight forward. “I was happy with the final product. You never know if when you’re uploading something online if it will come out the same and I like the colors.”