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Floatmounted Wedding Photos

It was just over a year ago that Marisa first turned to Artmill to help her turn her special photos into custom wall art. It was a long time coming since her wedding in November of 2016, but after she and her husband recently moved into their new home they had a lot of blank walls to fill with their shared memories. For Marisa, it was a point of having their wedding photos printed in just the right way. “We meant to have the photos printed for a long time. We wanted to make sure we got the most out of our photos.”

Marisa and her husband didn’t want to worry about framing the photos and thought Artmill’s style was interesting when they first ordered a custom sized Floatmount. After testing out Artmill last year and loving the results, they returned to print their wedding photos earlier this year. Shot by Jovon Photography, they ordered Floatmounted photos of the wedding cuisine for their kitchen, engagement photos taken at the Brooklyn Bridge, and intimate shots of Marisa’s wedding shoes and bouquet.

“The company is very reliable and responsive and makes good quality products. I would definitely recommend Artmill.” During her first ordering experience as well as this most recent order, she felt the process was simple and our staff were helpful. When the Floatmounts arrived, the final results gave her special day a second life. “The packaging was great! I think it was raining when it was delivered, but even though the box was wet on the outside, everything inside was dry. The product seemed like really great quality. I was really happy with it.”