Floatmounts of Upstate New York

There’s a phrase, you can always come home again. Many people come back around to the places and things they love, especially those that captured their interest during their youth. Jason Ebelheiser grew up in Hurley, New York running around cornfields. At his high school in Kingston, he found his interest in photography and videography. It follows that years later he would be a professional cinematographer with his work taking him back to his hometown, where he roamed the landscapes like he did as a kid, and captured several stunning images that he turned into Floatmounts with Artmill. “Photography is kind of a passion. I consider myself a pseudo-photographer. It’s the other twenty percent of what I do when I have a minute to spare while I’m traveling.”

Many of these recently printed photos were shot in the Hudson Valley and Kingston areas of New York state. Captured using his DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, the wide landscapes of his photographs present the upstate New York scenery from that bird’s eye view giving it a greater sense of grandeur. From his images of the Abeel St. train trestle over Rondout Creek to the Ashokan Reservoir, he captures perfect moments of light falling across the bodies of water that dot the roadsides.

“I’ve been printing my photos for ten years now. I started printing on the cheapest canvas prints online and have been wanting something more high quality. This quality is so much nicer than these other print services I’ve found online.” Jason liked how easy it was to use our website and loved working with our staff over live chat. Even after his Floatmounts were shipped and delivered, he was blown away by the secure and compact packaging. “By far the best that I’ve seen. It seems like you could throw the package off a building and it would be fine.”

“I was really impressed with not only how pretty it looked, but how durable. The print was really well built.” Jason’s photos have found their current home in his friend’s Kingston smoothie shop, Turn Up The Beet Juice, where locals are drawn to his aerial images of the surrounding counties. “People seem to prefer the local shots. They love them which is awesome because Artmill does such a great job with the prints.”