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Florida Floatmounts Outfit a Local Brewery

When hobbyist photographer Nicholas Nadeau captured spontaneous shots of a cow and an elderly couple on a bench, it wasn’t expected that his photos would find their home in a brewery as Floatmounts created by Artmill. The story behind his slice of life images show how even a photo taken at random can become wall art.

“I was working on a project for my in-laws in La Belle, Florida. I just had my camera with me that day. After months of traveling out there, I wanted to shoot something other than the beach.” He stumbled upon a herd of cows and pulled off on the side of the road to capture a few shots using his Nikon D5300.

His second photo was taken ten minutes outside of Marco, Florida along a trail at the edge of the Everglades. He came across the couple relaxing together on a bench overlooking the scenery. “That was actually the only photo I took of those people. I thought it was a nice shot of two people enjoying life together.”

Nicholas’s friend was looking for artwork to sell at the newly opened Ankrolab Brewing Company in Naples, Florida. The brewery’s design was intended to be a departure from the normal beach vibe; The owner even personally dismantled a 130-year-old barn to source wood to decorate the inside the bar. The naturalistic, rustic feel of Nicholas’s photos complimented the theme of the bar and have become permanent fixtures.

“The Armill website is very intuitive and user friendly.” Both images were adjusted to black and white and were mounted as 40” x 60” fine art photo Floatmounts. The large-scale photos were well received by Nicholas and his friends at Ankrolab. “All of our reactions were ‘wow.’  I find it really impressive that Artmill can blow up my photos with zero pixilation. It’s the crispness and the size. When it’s in your face, it’s a whole different thing to see your photos printed that big.”