Office Art in a New Boston Space

Stuart Long, the CEO of cardiac monitoring device company InfoBionic, isn’t afraid to dive in headfirst to get something done for his business. The three-year-old start-up recently moved into a new space located outside of Boston. Long spoke with his staff about decorating with new office art and they decided to create and install Boston-based photography. Knowing that Long practiced photography on the side, they chose to feature his photos.

Long took the production process into his own hands and ran a search for large prints, quickly discovering Artmill. He took measurements of the available wall space in the office and found existing sizes to fit his dimensions through our site. Due to the overhead office lighting, Long chose to order the Flushmount to prevent glare on the photos. “I really like the finish of the Flushmounts. We have a very contemporary office, so I didn’t want a standard finish. I knew these would work without glare.”

“I appreciated the ease of use factor on the website. Prior to placing the order I got on a chat and asked a question about which DPI was appropriate. I got an immediate answer. It was good to know they could blow it up to the dimensions I wanted.” Long described his website and post-order experience as “phenomenal.” When the order arrived in hand-built crates, he worked to carefully open them and unwrap the images. The first one he turned around and looked at left an immediate impact. “I was impressed. It’s nice to know that when you’re looking at a photo on your computer for so long and then you print it, the color matching came out so nice.”

It was decided that the photos would hang in the lobby, conference room, at their reception desk, and in the cafeteria. Since they chose where to hang them prior to ordering, it was a smooth installation process. “I hung these myself personally because of how easily the Flushmounts install. It took me ten or fifteen minutes per piece.”

“The takeaway for me was that there was peace of mind through the process. Now that I’ve had that experience, Artmill will be my go-to.”