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From Amateur Photos to Floatmounted Wall Art

Craig is somewhat of a jack of all trades. He describes himself as a piano tuner, guitar teacher, and amateur photographer. The latter came about when he moved into his new condo and sought a convenient source of original wall art with which to decorate his space. This was how he picked up a camera again after many years and eventually discovered Artmill.

He recently started shooting macro photography on his Nikon D300S in his home and found he had a passion for it. His style involves subtle edits to the photo files like adding soft brush strokes to highlight a color or slightly darkening the background. After capturing a number of striking photos, he searched for an alternative to traditional framing and, finding Artmill’s products, gravitated toward the Floatmount.

“I was looking for something different. I didn’t know what I was looking for at the time then I saw these and it felt exactly like what would work for me.” Craig prefers the enduring modern style of his Floatmounted prints. They blend seamlessly with the clean, straight lines in his home, “The Floatmounts are also really great in all lighting situations.”