National Park Poster Collection

Kiran and her husband vacationed in the Canyon Lands in Moab, Utah in 2002. Struck with the beauty of the landscape, they took a second trip to Arches National Park and bought their first memento, Kiran’s favorite poster, depicting the famous Delicate Arch. “For me the iconic one, the start of it all, and an incredible place to be was Delicate Arch. It involves this steep hike in the middle of nowhere. You come upon this solitary arch. It looks exactly like the poster.”

That same vacation was when they collected posters of Dead Horse Point and Canyon Lands National Park. Being “huge hikers,” they have since explored a number of locales across the country. With each vacation, they committed to finding a poster to commemorate their visits to each National Park.

Now calling New Orleans home, they own fifteen plaque mounted posters depicting locations including Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon, Castle Reef, and Mariposa Grove. Some designs of the original National Park serigraphed posters have been restored and reproduced by artist Ranger Doug.

Unable to find a local business that could plaque mount her posters, Kiran found that Artmill offered exactly what she needed. She was impressed with the level of attention paid to help her and expressed how much she appreciated the great customer service in addition to loving the final product. “Plaque mounting is a great way to take a piece of paper and turn it into artwork. Any of these posters are so dramatic, they can light up a part of your house.”

Our team helps many photographers mount their travel photos. It’s common for us to come across family photos from cross country trips or adventure photography from destination travelers. This unique project caught our attention by separating itself from the typical photo. When we were called on to plaque mount a large quantity of vintage style National Park posters, we couldn’t pass up the chance to learn the story behind these vibrant pieces of art.

Kiran regards their collection as a treasury of her family’s many trips to the U.S. parks. “There’s one of a train called “The Canadian.” That was a trip I gave to my mother on her 70th birthday from Calgary to Jasper National Park on the train. The train looks exactly like the one in the poster. They all capture a little bit of a feeling. Every single artwork I have is a memory. I like having something that’s a memory of something I’ve done in my life.”