Rebranded Office Art for Vapor Technologies

Osie Gabriel, marketing manager at Vapor Technologies, Inc., lead the project of creating new office artwork to update halls and public spaces after their company’s major rebranding effort last year. Vapor Technologies is a leading manufacturer of physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating equipment used globally on items from faucets to firearms and everything in-between. When Vapor Technologies needed new office art, we helped them create beautiful Floatmounts from photography of their products and staff at work.

“The old framed photos hanging in the conference room showed outdated equipment and the frames weren’t contemporary enough to go with our new branding,” Osie says. About a year before their project, Osie toured the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, CO, and took inspiration from the way the halls were decorated. “As you walk through each area, you see featured mounted photos and signs talking about the lab.”

When she kicked off the project of sourcing contemporary style photo mounting, Osie needed a vendor who could execute the same style of product and that led her to Artmill. Her first project was updating the main conference room’s wall art after the room had been repainted during rebranding.

“At the time, we were about to launch a new line of products, so rather than equipment pictures we chose to showcase some beautiful pictures of coatings that are more abstract or artistic to add a pop of color to our conference room wall.” That art was the first Artmill project for the company. The next round included replacing the old artwork with vibrant photos of machinery, coated equipment, people using the machines, and employees from their various departments. In total, Artmill has created sixteen 24” x 30” Floatmounts, including four conference room photos, eight in their office hallway, and four in the main facility hall.

The new art makes the space fun to tour while visually relaying the story of Vapor Technologies by providing a wide representation of its staff and capabilities. “The company culture is very team oriented, so seeing the images of people working as you’re going down the hall is very nice. Having that human element of people working with our equipment is very important.”

“These projects have been successful to the company as a whole and very satisfying for me personally to see our marketing vision coming to life and hanging throughout the facility.” Osie plans to finish the halls with several more photos later in the year, replace the company’s front lobby image, and eventually add images and text throughout the facility.