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Resin Painting Comes to Life with Trulife Acrylic

What’s the story behind Shari-Beth’s painting? She began painting three years ago to cope with a series of personal upheavals. “I just started dabbling in art, a little bit here, a little bit there.”

After discovering how to incorporate resin into her artwork, she hit her stride. As pictured, the original Rainbow Barcode was created as a series of multiple lines of acrylic paint covered with a pour over of resin. It was professionally photographed, which left Shari-Beth looking for a way to digitally replicate it while also drop shipping it to clients across the country. She did some research and found that Artmill could execute what she was looking for.  “I felt the Gallery Acrylic Facemount would be cost-effective to provide copies of my art to my clients.”

“I wanted to order a sample, but I wasn’t sure if it would translate well. I got off the phone with Ben and he was so helpful and so patient. He really talked me through to what I needed to get the quality I wanted.” Her experience with our experts assured her that any wall art sent to her clients would receive the same level of quality and attention no matter where it shipped. She had a positive first impression of seeing her artwork faithfully recreated as the 60” x 18” TruLife acrylic facemount on metallic photo paper. “I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is so cool.’ It was great. What was excellent is that I know what the packaging was like from my sample. It was packaged beautifully and arrived in a timely fashion.”