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The Right Time and Place in Hawaii

“Right time, right place” is a common adage in photography. This rings true for the vacation photos of Peter. His interest in photography began as a teenager and he has kept at it for many years. This endurance paid off when, during a family vacation in Hawaii, he captured two well-timed shots.

Peter and his family traveled to the island of Kauai over the holidays. This was the ideal destination for photo opportunities of the naturally beautiful landscape. “I like capturing scenes. When I look at an object or landscape, I try to look at what makes it unique.”

Of the many photos he took, he chose two to turn into wall art with Artmill. The decision to mount their photos using non-traditional framing came about after he and his wife found acrylic-mounted prints at a Hawaii art gallery. Both photos were shot with Peter’s Galaxy S9 cell phone, so it was easy to upload his digital photos on to our website. “I really liked it because it was super simple. I’ve gone to other sites, tried to upload panoramic pictures, and they never seem to take those pictures. Artmill formatted it perfectly. They had exactly what I was looking for.”

The first image utilized his phone’s panoramic setting to capture the ocean at Spouting Horn, which was then turned into a 65” x 16” Floatmount. His turned his second photo of the beach at sunrise into a 32” x 24” Plaquemount. “I like the composition of it. It looks the sunlight is blowing the trees over.”

Peter’s vacation photos, one hung in his and his wife’s bedroom and the other in their living room, commemorate not just their time in Hawaii, but that instance of a moment too perfect to not capture. His impression of those ready to hang photos, “I was very pleased. The colors were nice and vibrant. The quality was really good, sturdy. I really like the finish.”