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Turning a Painting into a Lightbox

Umbreen, a practicing physician, experienced an unfortunate accident in 2016. While working through her trauma, she began painting. Not being formally trained, she chose to work beyond the brush and used her fingers, gravity, canned air, and fire to create her acrylic and alcohol ink art on canvas. "Being a physician, everything is so objective and factual. These are all abstract and conceptual. I was using a completely different part of my brain."

She has since healed, but she’s continued painting and even began to sell her artwork on her website. On the lookout for interesting mediums through which to showcase her paintings, Umbreen found that her warm, vibrant works were served well with an equally unique style of mounting.  “I have printed my artwork on plexi-glass and metal before. I wondered if I had my work created into a lightbox, how would it look? When I looked at the examples on Artmill, I thought it looked really professional.”

She placed her first order through Artmill for a 16”x 20” Gallery Lightbox. “Artmill does a really good job. When I lit up my art for the first time, it looked like a completely new painting.”

After receiving this initial order, she was impressed with how well it lit up a room, “It’s extremely beautiful. At night, it becomes a center focus. It’s not just a painting, it’s a center piece.”