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Finding Love on the Savannah

Catherine shares how her childhood dreams came to summation in a single photograph on the East African Savannah.

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How This Panoramic Print Brought the Grand Canyon Home

We come across a lot of folks who truly love making panoramic prints from their photos. If someone tweets or tags us about how awesome their Artmill project turned out, we can’t help but wonder what the full story is behind their new wall art. When our customer Jonathan Hornby reached out with some long overdue feedback, we dug a little deeper.

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List of Panoramic Print Sizes

The following tables list panoramic print sizes segmented by aspect ratio.

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What Are Panoramic Aspect Ratios?

What are panoramic aspect ratios? The aspect ratio of an image is the relationship between its width and height. Below is an example of a panoramic aspect ratio.

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Wall Art from an iPhone Panorama - How It's Made

How do we make ready-to-hang wall artwork from iPhone and other smartphone panoramic images? Here's a quick breakdown of how it's done.

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