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Floatmount Project Boards for Spicer Engineering

Where can you find office art for your renovated office? For Summer Streeter, Graphic Designer at Spicer Engineering, it was as easy as turning employees' cell phone photos into floatmount art.

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Capturing the Summit of Mount St. Helens

While vacationing in Washington State, Kathie, her boyfriend, and his family hiked up Mount St. Helens. After nearly seven hours of hiking, they reached a breathtaking view from the blown out, Southern rim of the volcano. The photo of this stunning view became Kathie’s 12” x 46” Floatmount art.

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Branded Office Art for Navitas

Ken Sanders, the Chief Marketing Officer at Navitas, needed a way to show off their company’s branding and products. Artmill helps businesses and individuals alike find images and make the art they need, so this was the set-up for a perfect collaboration.

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Medline: Office Art & Company Culture

There is a real wow factor when walking into the expansive Medline building. It’s apparent that this company has a strong understanding of “who” it is. When we received the call to create and install a company timeline for Medline, it was a clear opportunity for our businesses to help them further strengthen their company culture.

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Photos from Around the World

Lori never left the country until she was 40 years old. And yet since that time she has traversed a huge swath of the globe. She’s traveled from the Acropolis in Greece to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, from Buddhist Temples in Thailand to the Thames in London. Along the way, she’s documented many of her travels with a keen photographic eye and she finally found the resource to bring her photos to life as art.

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