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Riding the Waves: Shooting & Sailing with Matt Knighton

Would you sacrifice life and limb for your photography? When we spoke with Matt Knighton about his career as a professional sailing photographer, we learned there’s more at stake than capturing the shot in his field of work.

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Photos from Around the World

Lori never left the country until she was 40 years old. And yet since that time she has traversed a huge swath of the globe. She’s traveled from the Acropolis in Greece to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, from Buddhist Temples in Thailand to the Thames in London. Along the way, she’s documented many of her travels with a keen photographic eye and she finally found the resource to bring her photos to life as art.

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Bill Gogo and the Birds

Bill Gogo captures candid wildlife photos in and around Klamath, Oregon. See his avian photography come to life on Artmill's Facemounts.

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Five Star Travel Photos

Our goal is to execute our work at a high level of quality and to wow every customer we work with. That’s why we can’t help but take pride in a shining five star review like the one we received from Rick and Rina Daniel.

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Finding Love on the Savannah

Catherine shares how her childhood dreams came to summation in a single photograph on the East African Savannah.

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