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Creating Office Art for GR Energy Services

Every move a company makes, especially into a new space, raises the question of, “How do we make this represent us?” In the case of a new training center, GR Energy Services worked with their long time graphic designer, Donna Diggons of DPDzine, to imagine and decorate their new space with office art.

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Custom Art for Baby's Nursery

There seem to be a million steps to prep your home for an incoming newborn. For this young couple, their greatest joy next to finally bringing home their baby boy was finding art for the nursery.

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Panoramic Review: Bryan from Colorado

Bryan Rasmussen loves taking landscape and travel photos. “It started out as a hobby, but then people started purchasing prints.”

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Riding the Waves: Shooting & Sailing with Matt Knighton

Would you sacrifice life and limb for your photography? When we spoke with Matt Knighton about his career as a professional sailing photographer, we learned there’s more at stake than capturing the shot in his field of work.

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Learning History at the Stewart School Lofts

A few years after the closure of Stewart Elementary School, the building was purchased and renovated by Morningside Group, turning the former school into sixty-four upscale apartments. Read how they took a cue from the building's past when creating artwork for the new residents.

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