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How to Be Anti-Niche with Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson is coming off of a several-month stint photographing cars for a marketing company through Hyundai. Since October he’s travelled across the country, staking out the best images at auto shows, and now that his gig has wound down he chatted with us about what comes next.

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The Street Art of Hub116

Vincent Flaska is a local Chicagoan through and through. Considering his family business's history in the city, it makes sense that he wanted to find a way to support local companies.

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What is an Acrylic Face Mount?

You might be wondering what our acrylic face mounted prints are, but much like one the answer is layered. To understand what it is, you need to understand the work that goes into making one.

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Shooting "The Bean" with Kevin Cobos

Kevin Cobos is a distinctive shooter who carefully weighs his choice of angles and lines. “I go for the angles that work best. I’m a huge fan of symmetry.” That style informs his shot of The Bean to a tee. He woke up at five in the morning to thick fog across the city.

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“Insta”meet Andres Marin

The first time Andres Marin held a camera was as a child during a four-day summer trip. His parents provided him with two disposable Kodak cameras. He went through both of those on day one of the trip.

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