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Shooting "The Bean" with Kevin Cobos

Kevin Cobos is a distinctive shooter who carefully weighs his choice of angles and lines. “I go for the angles that work best. I’m a huge fan of symmetry.” That style informs his shot of The Bean to a tee. He woke up at five in the morning to thick fog across the city.

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“Insta”meet Andres Marin

The first time Andres Marin held a camera was as a child during a four-day summer trip. His parents provided him with two disposable Kodak cameras. He went through both of those on day one of the trip.

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Custom Interior Wall Art and Decor from Your Travel Photos

What are my options to print photos from a smartphone and create art? Okay, I know how to print photos from my phone. But, what about photos from your honeymoon, or a family vacation, or portraits of your kids? What other options are there?

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Words of Advice for Budding Photographers

Breaking into the world of professional photography is a challenge. Even with a keen eye for composition, you may need that extra something to get ahead of the competition. Chicago photographer Eric Craig shared his advice with Artmill for reaching pro-level status as an artist.

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How to Get Great Prints Online

Sean Bagshaw from PhotoCascadia published a great and incredibly useful piece of content for anyone who's ever wondered how to make a great print online.

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